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El Chupacabra Online

Welcome to

Over 14 Years of Chupacabra Fun on the Internet.

Page last Updated 4-5-2012

Have you seen El Chupacabra? Have no idea what it is? Just bored and want to have some major fun? If you answered yes to any of those questions you've come to the right place! The menu below only works with javascript enabled browsers.

More Sighting's in Texas:

This picture above was taken by Regie Lagow
I spoke to Regie Lagow. He was fun to chat with about this and a very nice man. He is the one who took the picture of the animal that was killing his chickens. He lost all but one chicken and his neighbor lost all but three. In three weeks it killed about thirty chickens, sometimes two a day. The animal has been disposed of so there is nothing to get dna from. If you look at the pictures you can see its not a coyote like some people claim.

Jim Williams of Abilene Texas took this picture. The animals look very similar except this one has a shorter tail.

2 creatures have been found in New Mexico now.

click the picture to visit

People keep disproving Chupacabra sightings with even more bizarre reasons. I dont think the creature found in new mexico is some sea creature. Why would a creature that lives in the sea have wings and legs?

How do you explain such large teeth on a coyote and the skull is different. Some are stating the mange disease changed the animals skull. I don't think that is possible.

Jay Wroe caught a creature in maryland and named it a hyote because it was so strange looking. He tried to identify it but was told it was a coyote with mange. It doesn't look like a coyote to me.

Possible Chupacabra Tracks Found!
Read the news story here!

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I'm a Chupacabaaara

Rock Out With the Chupacabra

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El Chupacabra has been in the news recently in East Texas


Chupacabra Fans Check out on the history channel's program histories mysteries

What the heck is the monkey man? Some people believe its a chupacabra?

To Report Sightings visit
We are also looking for people who would like to help us investigate sightings.

What is a Chupacabra?
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Chupacabra Books

The Field Guide to North American Monsters cover

Night of the Chupacabras
Chupacabras: and other Mysteries
Chupacabra You Don't Scare Me!

Pictures, Sounds, and Movies
Check out our Big Bend Photos! Hit this link.

Bill Hanfords chupacabra

Have you seen the mysterious goat-sucker lately? We need your help to discover what the chupacabra really is. Visit the sightings page for more info. Tell us about your experience. Read about other peoples experiences by clicking here.There have been sightings in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, California, and even Washington State.

What is that crazy Chupacabra up to now? Find out.

Message Board
Post whatever you want about El Chupacabra. THIRD TIME IS CHARM! click here.

The largest goat-sucker link page known to man! Go there.

the chupacabra loves blood


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