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Here we post sightings that people report in to us. If you have had a sighting please send us us the details so we can post them.

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Daryl S from Kensington Mass sent us this photo of his injury. He was searching the internet to see what could have attacked him and he believes it to be a Chupacabra.
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Last week on Grove street in Kingston mass......
Numerous goats were dying at random..
thought to be from coyotes that have been running rampant in the area.
I went back to my barn on the eve of March 1st when I heard a a window shattering scream coming from the backyard.
I ran with my gun to get the coyotes.
When to my surprise it was not a canine creature but none other then El Chupacabra!!
I raised my gun and fired but it spead past me in a blaze of glory, its sharp claws and tail brushing by me and ripping me to shreads...the infected wounds have still not healed....
Darryl S Kingston Ma.....

Elchupacabra.com: I have been Talking with Daryl and here is some more info he has told me about the creature he ran into.
Below is a transcript of our chat.

Daryl: I never heard of el chupacabra until weeks after it happened
I saw the special on animal planet..
thought it was like a rabid monkey like thing
not really sure until I saw the show

Elchupacabra.com: So when you got hurt something ran past you to make that gash.
Daryl: yes something did

Elchupacabra.com: Did you go to the hospital or just bandage it yourself?
Daryl: my dad is paramedic he stiched it up I got antibiotiucs from dr and tetnus shot

Elchupacabra.com: Was it a spike or a claw that you think hurt you?

Daryl: It was so fast Ireally wasn't sure what it was until I saw the show on Animal planet about chupacabra's.
Elchupacabra.com: A raccoon or something wouldn't have had that big a claw.

Daryl: No way it wasn't a raccoon!

Elchupacabra.com: Did it smell at all?

Daryl: I am a avid outdoorsmen and a hunter..
it was nothing i have ever seen or heard before

I smelled because it scared the shit out of me,
but it definatly had an odd odor to it.
I cant even explain it.

Elchupacabra.com: Where you live there are no lizards and no animals that remotely could be mistaken for something strange?
Like in Texas maybe somebody sees a armadillo in the dark and somebody thinks its a chupacabra.

Daryl: Nope.

Elchupacabra.com Did it have fur?

Daryl: It was brownish green from what I saw..also it was more like hair not fur
Have you ever seen the hair on a potbelly pig?

Elchupacabra.com: It had hair like a pig, and you are sure it wasn't a wild boar?

Daryl: I have pot belly pigs and that is what it reminded me of.
No wild boars around here I live in Mass.

Elchupacabra.com: If you have pigs then you would know if it was one or not.

Daryl:Oh yeah that is what I think it was after I have pigs and goats and a small petting zoo.
I think it was looking for an easy meal or something like that.
We have coyotes all the time that is what I thought was after my animals

Elchupacabra.com: So you heard crazy noises?

Daryl: Nutty, like when cats mate sound with a high pitched screech.

I will be interviewing Daryl again soon and I will post any follow ups on this page.

The Mystery Of The Brynna Chupacabra

me and a friend found a dead goat in the woods near a primary school in brynna ,south wales it had the trademark puncture wounds of chupacabra (it looked like 3 needles entered the neck in a perfect concentric pattern) and a small puncture in the middle strange enough there was no blood anywhere and when we attempted to roll it over it flopped like and empty balloon (call me crazy but it felt like the only thing inside it was its bones) as we rolled it over something that looked like a giant rat with huge bug eyes and spines on its back like overgrown porcupine spines going down its back and it looked like a squat chimp on first glance it them jumped straight up and landed in a tree and jumped from tree to tree and screeched at us then landed on the foor again, screeched and ran off it ran like a bear or gorrila on all fours.....
it looked like a monkey-bat cross....... iv read that some sightings of them have wings but this one didnt look ike it did
it was acting in a scared manner and gave the impression of being young....
i know south wales is a strange place for a chupacabra to be but i swear iv never seen anything like it!
it may have unwaringly boarded a ship to wales or dover and travelled as far as brynna
if you have any questions e-mail me at slipknot_jarad@hotmail.co.uk

Here is a sighting that goes in the solved category!

Alot of Time and Effort from the reporting party went into researching this Sighting to actually solve it!

Hi. I reported in 2000 that i had wounded an animal that had been feeding on the local deer during an otherwise unsuccessful hunt. A while back, the conservation agency confirmed two or three mountain lions living in the hills between here and the river north of Ashland. I was initially concerned because I was afraid I may have wounded one of them, and that it may have been responsible for my sighting. I reported this as such to the conservation department, and they informed me that if I had indeed shot a lion, my actions were justifiable as self defense. They are nearly nonexistent here (their nearest sustainable range is eastern Colorado), and shooting them otherwise is forbidden. A local conservation agent did, however, offer to help me look for what remains of the carcass (which wouldn't be much after 3 years in the elements) in his off time. A couple of weeks ago, we went to the location where I had lost the trail. After walking the entire hill in a grid fashion, we came upon a rather fearsome looking skull in the brush. It was undoubtedly the animal I shot, because part of my broadhead was still lodged in its face just above the nose. It clearly was not a mountain lion. It had a sloping forehead, large eye sockets, pronounced cheekbones, and large tusk-like teeth. We were both quite confused, but upon further inspection, we realized that it was the skull of a feral hog. After a few generations in the wild, your average bacon pig turns into a snarling tusked monster not unlike a russian boar. Big, dark, tusked, hairy, and aggressive. Even to the point of chasing people. Looking back, It makes sense that i couldn't identify its sound in the snow, and that it looked so fearsome in my flashlight. The fact of the matter is, it was dark, i was alone, and damned if i didn't run like a little girl. That thing looked like a cross between pumba and a gorilla for christssakes. And judging from the skull, it was probably at least a good 250 lbs. Not huge by pig standards, but pretty big, big enough to tear my damned leg wide open or worse. The agent told me the deer I had found may have been preyed upon by mountain lions, dogs, or pretty much anything else. He couldn't tell me a lot without seeing them. So anyway, the skull goes on my mantle, and the story goes to the list of "explained". Sorry about that.

Here is the original Sighting,

Missouri DECEMBER 2000
i live in columbia, missouri, and area that is hardly considered "chupacabra country". i must admit that up until recently i was rather skeptical, until about a week ago. i am an avid bowhunter, and spend a great deal of time pursuing the local white-tailed deer. over the past few weeks, i have discovered three carcasses that were completely drained of blood. the first doe had four puncture marks. one on the top of the neck, and 1 on the stomach. the second one, which was a small buck, had been torn apart by coyotes, but there was no blood to speak of in the snow. the third doe was very fresh. i found her last friday. i was on my way into the woods when i heard what sounded like a deer running up the hill behind me. i immediately dropped to the ground and began to sneak. i spotted it in the brush about 60 yards away. i stalked to within 20 yards only to find that it was already dead. it had not yet gone into rigor mortis and the carcass was still steaming, a sure sign that it was less than 3 hours old. the steam was radiating from a wound that ran from the base of the neck to the top of the shoulder. it was also bleeding profusely from two wounds on the neck about 2 inches apart. i decided i had better get to my hunting location. i sat for a while, and a few deer crossed the creek about 70 yards away, out of bow range. they seemed very jumpy. i stayed until the last available shooting light. i began my long trek back to the truck just as darkness fell. i was about 300 hundred yards from where i had found the doe when i heard a sound in the brush behind my. i thought nothing of it. there are many animals one may stir up in the woods at night. i got about another hundred yards before i realized it was following me. i could hear it's footsteps, and they did not sound like those of a deer, coyote, or dog. i stopped and shone my flashlight behind me, but i could see nothing, not even the tell tale eye shine of an animal. suddenly the brush moved on the hillside and i could make out a dark shape moving against the snow, and very quickly. it stopped abruptly n the hillside about 15 yards from me. i turned my flashlight in its direction. i was rather alarmed by what i saw in the shaking light. it was about 3 feet tall, baboon like, with thick, matted, dark hair. the face was baboon-like and the eyes were a little larger than those of a human being. i could not tell color because they reflected my flashlight much the way a deer in a cars headlights does. it ran up the hill. i put an arrow on my bow, and continued towards the truck at a more rapid pace. i heard it again, this time running straight at me. i could make out it's shape about 15 yards away, and coming fast. i blindly fired an arrow in it's direction, and by some stroke of god i hit it and it ran away. i then left the woods very very quickly. the next morning i came back, this time with a high powered rifle in case it showed up again. i began trailing it. the tracks were about ten feet apart when it ran, and two feet apart when it was walking. it walked on all fours. i found a few splatters of blood, but it was bright red, signaling a muscle hit, not a vital one. i trailed it for a very long time, almost a mile. it went on to a rocky hilltop where there was no snow, and try as i might, i could not recover the trail. i don't know what was, but this so called "chupacabra" seems like the best candidate.


Dear chupa fans,
Me and my friend are big chupacabra fans.We went on a summer camping trip with no intention of ever actualy seeing one. It was late, maybe 12:30ish when we heard this noise like i have never heard before, kinda like some one screaming and laughing at the same time. it sent chills down my spine. Me and my friend were a little stired but we just ignored it. About 15 minutes later we heard it again this time we looked out side the flap down window thingy and saw this wierd red light. We grabed our paint ball guns and went outside. I saw it laying on the ground and shot it.It got up startled, and ran off in to the woods. The way it ran reminded me of the velociraptors in "JURASSIC PARK" It had what appeared to be five spikes on its back. I am still skeptical about what we saw that night, but my friend is dead set it was a chupa.There have been several wierd cattle reports in that area. My friends and I are going back in May. We are going to search the woods and see what we find. If you happen to go camping in that area I would advise you to be careful.
T Hegger

2003 Birmingham, England

Dear Elchupacabra.com,
I am writing to tell you about something really weird that happened to me and a friend in the early hours of Thursday the 26th of June 2003. Though I doubt the monster is a Chupacabra (as it was far shorter and we found it in my friends house in Birmingham, England) when my friend saw the photo of the Chupacabra as we entered your website later to see if we could find any links to what we had seen, he shouted "That's it!" (though when we checked the information on the creature we found it to be rather different to what we had seen). Anyway, straight to the point. Me and my friend were sitting in his room talking about mythology, ghosts, etc. The hall lights went out, but we just presumed the bulb must have gone. At around 3AM we heard a sound downstairs like a door opening. Our sisters were asleep in the other room and my friends parents in theirs so we decided it could just be sounds from the nearby motorway/highway and tried to settle down. The sounds grew more frequent and we both decided to keep watch in the hall with a flashlight whilst the other used the restroom. We caught glimpses of something moving and decided a rat had somehow got into the house. We decided to just go to bed when we heard more loud sounds that a rat couldn't possibly be making. My friend grabbed his flashlight and I grabbed a penknife. We also grabbed a spray can each in case we needed to spray something in the eyes. We spotted the creature standing still down the stairs, by the front door. We could not see it well in the flahlight, so decided to go down and investigate closer. It did not seem bothered by the light and hadn't even noticed our presence in the room until my friend dropped his spray can at the top of the stairs, making a loud clunk. As he bent down to pick it up, the creature ran on all fours to the foot of the stairs and stood upright on its hide legs looking up at us. My friend said it was about a foot tall and we both noticed it had 2 large, catlike eyes. We ran into the bedroom and after about a half hour of sitting, waiting for something to happen, my friend decided to check and see if it was still outside in the hall. He had barely opened the door, when he pulled it to again and sat with his back to the door, blocking it from the inside. He told me the creature had poked his head around the top of the stairs and stared right at the door. Since there was another door leading to the hall from his room, I blocked that and soon enough, we heard a scratching sound against the door my friend was guarding. We both gulped and I grabbed the penknife, just in case. I also grabbed my mobile telephone in an attempt to ring the mainline phone and wake my friend's parents, but the line was dead. Perhaps it was just a coinsidence that the line was dead and the hall light had gone off, but there was definetely no way out of the room, except the door, which had an unknown reptile-like creature behind it. We were completely trapped in the room. The scratching stopped so my friend and I peered through the crack at the bottom of the door and to our horror, saw a giant catlike eye looking back at us. My friend braced himself and slowly opened the door. Again he closed it quickly, but this time he said he had distinctly seen a small, dark creature who (in his description) resembled the Moria Orcs (or Goblins) from lord of the rings. The creature had not even noticed the door was open and continued to crouch, looking under the bottom at us. For a while after we closed the door, it sat there, possibly waiting for us to go to sleep so it could come in and steal small objects from the room (this may sound stupid now, but I'll explain more about why we think this later) until finally it gave up and we heard it descend down the stairs. We sat, alert, until 5AM when it finally started to get bright out before going downstairs to find it. Again, I stood watch at the top of the stairs while my friend went down with the flashlight and the knife. As he shone it on the couch, he made out the outline of the creature sat on one of the cushions. He came back up stairs and told me about it and then went back down to see if he could catch it. The creature ran behind the couch into a corner, vanished, and then appeared behind my friend in the corridor. My friend chased him, yet again into a corner, until he vanished again, this time appearing between the stereo and the wall. My friend came back upstairs and we decided the creature possibly had the ability to teleport because it had dissapeared and reapeared without explanation in several locations. I agreed to come downstairs and again, the creature was by the stereo, his large eye perfectly visible in the darkness. He dissapeared and reapeared behind the kitchen door when we went to make a drink. We went back into the living room while our tea was boiling and looked in his old hiding place by the stereo. We thought he had reappeared there, but then realised that 2 pogo sticks which had been on the floor had been moved and their shiny handles propped up to create the illusion of the Goblin's eyes staring at us. We realised this because the eye was far lower than before and had no pupil. Upon closer inspection, we found him hiding underneath the stairs by where the sticks had been and again he dissapeared. I looked through a gap in the drawn curtains and saw something move slightly in the bushes and told my friend. He looked too and said it was the creature because it's head was sticking up (My glasses were upstairs, but I could still see him). We decided to go and have our drinks in the kitchen (it was 5.30AM now), but when I looked through the window, he was no longer in the garden. Suddenly, he appeared beneath the table, saw us and vanished again. After we finished our drinks, we spotted him hiding in a pile of rubble in the garden. We went back upstairs and at around 6AM I fell asleep. My friend woke me at 9AM and we decided to find where it's den was. We found it almost straight away under a vent beneath the stairs, near many of the places we had seen it (e.g: Stereo, corridor, etc.). We were the only people in the house, so we removed the grate and found underneath a small, very dirty tunnel that stretched as far as we could see. Inside, there were rats running about and a huge spider web blocking the tunnel. My friend leaned into the tight space and told me he could see the Goblin asleep in the tunnels. We didn't know what to do so we put the grate back on and went and got ready to go to my house. Upstairs, I found one of my socks, but the other was missing. We pulled the sheets off my bed, but it was not there. We checked the whole house together (this is how I know my friend hasn't been playing a trick on me), but couldn't find the sock. We went back into my friends room and found the sock, lying right in the middle of the sheetless bed (thats why we think the Goblin steals stuff because we can find no other explanation for this). We went to my house, both extremely alert and cautious I(as if we were being watched) and at 4PM went back to check on the Goblin (we brought a camera this time, just in case). When we removed the grate, we found the spider web was in our way of the creature. Regretedly (because we didn't want to destroys the spider's home) we resorted to pouring water onto the web. The water flushed out a lot of maggots in the tunnels so we looked to see where they had come from. A rat lay, dead, covered in burrowing maggots on the floor, it's organs were visible and (though we aren't experts) many appeared to be missing (we thought this sounded rather like one of the Chupacabra's methods of killing when we read about them on your site). I was about to lower my friend into the tunnel to photograph the creatures that lay inside when he told me not to. That was when we saw what had made the web. You don't get wild tarantulas in Britain (or at least not to our knowledge) so the giant, hairy, 8-legged creature came as a very big shock to us. I pulled my friend out of the tunnel and we replaced the grate. If the Chupacabra or whatever it was had chosen that as it's guard it must have some level of intelligence. On that instance, we didn't get close enough to photograph the Goblin, but we did see it's fingers so we believe it is still there. So there you have it, a rather detailled account of our encounter with an unidentified creature. We wrote down some notes on the creature's appearance and habits. We believe the creature is nocturnal and relies heavily on it's senses of smell and hearing more than it's sight. The creature was dark blue-ish and had small, pointed ears. We did not see it's teeth (but believe it may have been behind the death of that rat in the tunnel) and we believe it is mildly intelligent (it seemed to regard the whole escapade as a game of hide and seek). It has slimy, short, dreadlock-like hair and leathery skin on it's thin body. We believe it can teleport or run at amazing speeds and feeds on small mammals, birds and insects. From what we have seen it is afraid of humans, but will probably not attack unless provoked. We believe the creature has lived in the house for a while (the previous owners' budgies were all eaten mysteriously possible by the Goblin or spider). As my friend previously had a rather large dog which could get rather violent if he saw something he considered a threat, the creature was probably too scared to come out in case the dog attacked. My friend told me a few stories a while back about getting locking in the dark attic with a growling creature when he was younger (and it wasn't his dog), waking up from a nightmare and hearing a loud growling noise and a wardrobe mysteriously opening itself. We pieced these together and decided that it was possible this creature that was behind all of these. We decided to name the species Calex Goblins (a mixture of mine and my friend's names) and nicknamed this one "Douchey" just because it was so annoying. My friend is back at home awaiting another possible visit tonight. Hopefully, he will be able to snap a few pictures of the creature. If so I will alert you of them and will send them to your site. Thanks for your time, hope you found our sighting of interest, Alex + Calum (both aged 14), Birmingham, England.

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2002 Knoxville Tenn

June 2002 Salt Lake City UT
My friends and I were coming home from a party. One of my friends lives on a farm, and when we got to his house and turned on the porch lights, we heard this sort of screeching, growling sound. When we turned to look towards it, we saw this monkey-like creature with no tail, and its eyes glinting. It started towards the woods, and my friends grabbed a baseball bat and sledghammer and started to follow it. I stayed by the house and when they came out, they told me that it had started to hunt them and chased them out of the woods. A couple of days later, my friend found two of his goats dead, drained of blood with punture wounds in their neck. His dog recently went missing and we have no idea where it went.

2002 June
OK, im not going to say that what i saw was a chupacabra sigting, but it really freaked me out, i couldnt even sleep that night. Heres how it all starts. Around 6:00 pm, me and my brother were watching TV and were all alone in the house, there was no one around in the house exept for our dog "CHARA." After a while we got bored and decided to play hide and seek(I was only 7 years old) we have a very large backyard and a very large house. I was lookin for my broter outside and my dog was yelping and barking at something. it came runing right at me and hid behind my leg. I didnt think much of it until i smelled roting flesh and a very strong odor. i went back in the house and found my brother. the dog didnt want to leave me so i let it go inside the house. I told my brother of what i had smelled and he also smelled it. We were brave so we decided to go out and investigate with chara. After all, we were just kids. We grabed a flashlight and a water hose atatched to the back of the house. We finally went outside and looked for the "thing" that was freeking out my dog. the dog again was yelping and barking at something, still, i wasnt sure what it was. I looked at the direction that the dog was looking at and saw a pair of red eyes looking right at my dog. My brother had seen it befoure i had, he budged me and i budged him back. We were so scared that we couldnt even move,the thing was still looking at my dog. finally had the courage to shine the flashlight at what i though was an iguana, but i was preaty sure it wasnt because it was bigger than a house cat, had long claws, spikes runing down it's spine, and was brownish green(uncomon for the type of place that we live in). it, gave a kind of howl in which i cant describe, screechy and creepy. my brother sudenly turned the water hose on and wet the "thing" while i bent down and picked up some rocks, it sudlenly jumped and ran right strait at my dog. my dog yelped and ran around while we tried to get the thing to stop chasing it. the dog ran behind me and i managed to toss a rock right inthe eye of the thing, my brother still hosing it down was so scared that the thing was so close to us that he actually cryed like a little girl. i hit the thing one more time and it scremed so soft that i could bearly even hear it. it got up, gave up, and took off. we went into the house and tryied to figure out what it was.we never found out because it didnt leave any tracks, not even in the mud that was made because of the hose.it wasa mistery and yet solved because we were investigating from the facts that we had,we finally gota break. we were watching the news and heard about these people seeng the so called chupacabra and new imidiately what it was. we never told anybody because we might have gotten into trouble or someting, but now that all of these wierd stuf is going on, nothing can be kept a secret. Im not going to say that the chupacabra isnt real, but i am going to say that it does exist. I finally believe the story that my mom told me---(the demons lurk out at night, so dont play hide and seek after dark.)---- till today, im still trying to figure out what reall happened that night.

2001 Halloween
This happened on Halloween night last year. We were all out, not trick or treating, just walking around. At about midnight, our group of 9 had gone to 4, and we went to the woods down a bike path that lead to a campfire. We sat at the fire for about an hour, just talking about senior year and stuff, me and my nerd friends, and we saw three dead squirrels about ten feet away all laying atop eachother. Me and Chris, the ones that weren't squeamish, walked over to the little carcasses and poekd them with a stick. The stick, amazingly, easily penetrated the squirrels skin and almost ground it into a powder. About 3 feet away there was a hole, like a rabbit's burrow. We threw a rock in and heard a hiss like a snake or a mad cat. Then, we saw two little animals, no bigger than monkey's, leap out of the hole and into the forest. I didn't really see what they looked like, but for the 0.000003 second I saw them, I thought of a lizard-kangaroo. We went back to the burrow the next day with a camera but the carcasses were gone and the hole looked suspicously like a fox hole. So there was no point in taking pictures. I thought they may have been skinks at first, lizards we have around here, except they were large and bipedal, so that was ruled out. A month later I heard about the El Chupacabra on Sightings, I never went back to that little hole, and usually don't go out at night. And it was probably just a rabbit with rabies and scales, but I figured if I have what could've been a chupa, why not share it? Also, there were three cats taken from the same house three days later, and I think there may even be a polic report to that.

2001 July NY
Matt from Amsterdam, NY.....this occurred july 23,2001 at around 9pm I have told this to a number of family and friends but most responses are that of skepticism...I don't blame them because what I saw I could hardly believe myself, but I assure you I was not dreaming and I truly saw what I saw. Late July last year I was sitting at home watching a movie with the fan on full blast...it must have been 95 degrees outside, I heard a loud noise like a garbage can being tipped over and I decided to take a look. At first I thought it was a raccoon so I got a broom and a flashlight to scare it away. When I opened the back door my cat ran into the house with half its ear torn off and dripping blood. I ran outside screaming "what the Fuck, what the Fuck." I spotted something moving in the middle of the lawn and I shinned the flashlight at it. At first I thought it was two dogs or raccoons eating something but as I walked slowly closer with my broom ready for action I saw that it was two things tearing another animal to pieces. each one was about two and a half feet tall standing on two legs as they ripped into the flesh of what was probably a cat. The hair on these things was a brownish-green and they had pointy heads. I knew it was something strange when I got a look at their hand like claws with long black nails. Now I was scared shitless so I shouted at them to try to scare them...They both froze and looked up at me with huge greenish-Yellow Eyes. after they saw me they both ran away into the woods close bye, one dragging the dead animal with it.... That next day I asked other people around the area if they had seen anything and they had not, Although, a few days later a family who lives up the road from my house reported their cat missing and ... as subtly as I could, I explained to them what I had seen. Now I'm not sure if these things were El Chupacabra but I don't have any other explanation.

2001 Santa Clarita
My friend and i were walkin at around 8:00 at night. We went around the corner and were approaching a section of the street that was dark cuz two street lamps burnt out. We were talking about the goatsucker, and my friend nikki(her nickname) made a sound that she thought was the attack call. I was saying how scary it would have been if the sound would have come right after she made it. Guess what? it did!!! we both turned around when we heard a wierd rasping screech. We had a flashligh, and flashed it at the tree, and saw a wierd creature that looked as if were about to spring. It had red eyes, and when it turned and fled, we noticed its powerful hindlegs. We heard the noise several more times, and some rusling in the tree. We turned and ran. We could hear 1 or two animals also uttering the attack cry. We didnt stop running till we reached my house. This made us sure never to go out in the dark again. This sighting was in Santa Clarita, california, near LA

Mexico 2000
I believe you guys, cause I had a really freaky encounter with this Chupacabra creature. Well, at first I thought you were all a bunch of weirdo's for believing in such a strange creature, but now I swear to god this thing is very real. I was driving to my aunt in Mexico to stay for the week, I was driving a truck that I've since then sold. Well anyway, it was getting late, like 1 or 2 o'clock and I was getting sleepy. It was way dark out but I did have my flashlight with me just in case. As I was driving I saw something strange. On the side of the road was some sort of deer or something like it. Though it wasn't uncommon to see roadkill, what wasn't common was all the blood around it. I only got a passing glance at it but it looked like it was bled. I did some hunting in my time so I know what a bled animal looks like. With most roadkill I never see any blood, but with this thing it was everywhere, and there appeared to be no trauma. But after a while I just dismissed it as something that's rare but not unheard of. Or course it could have hit something pointy on a car or something. So I put it out of my mind. Then as if my truck read my mind. (cause I was thinking, "what if a rabid animal killed it.") The tire blew out on my truck. I'm not afraid of the dark or anything so fished the flashlight out of the pile of crap that made up the passenger seat of my truck and went out. Sure enough, the tire was busted to hell. It was way to late to change it so I decided to take a nap in the front of the truck till morning. I don't know how long I was asleep, but something strange woke me up. It was a strange scratching sound on the door. I thought is was just some cat trying to get in. (Those little critters are smart.) Pulling out my flashlight again, I took a peek out of my window and saw some movement. Then I turned on the flashlight. What I saw scared the everlovin' crap outa me. There was some strange greenish creature with long spikes down its back scratching at the bottom of my door with at least two inch claws. When it noticed the beam of my flashlight, it looked up at me. It had huge red eyes and long teeth which it bared at me. At that point I was scared spitless. I laid down on the seat for the longest time, listening for any sounds, my heart beating in my chest. I must have fallen asleep after an hour or so, and when I got up in the morning, I took a look at my truck. The bottom of the drivers side door was covered in scratch marks, which cost me a tidy sum to fix. Another thing caught my eye when I looked down. There was a trail of tracks on the ground, bloody tracks, leading back up the road. I don't know what kind of animal it was, but in all my years of hunting, I've never seen anything like it. After changing the tire I got the heck outa there. And even today, I never use that road to get to my aunts anymore.

Puerto Rico
"One of my colleagues is from Puerto Rico. She has some property near the Observatorio De Arecibo. Several of her neighbors claim to have seen the Chupacabra. They didn't own goats but there were dead cats, birds and I think she said there may have been a dead collie. They all died unusually (vampire- like). I, like you, believe there may be some ET connection. Puerto Rico is known as a UFO "hot spot". The military does some testing there and there are claims that there is a vast underground base, almost Area51 in nature." Sent in by a reader.

Chupacabra, Human Encounter
A reader sent in this information. "Listen. I visited your home page and I have a story. On the part where you said nobody has been reported to have been attacked, it's not true. This one lady who at the time was at the Mexican border near Brownsville, Tx was clamed to be attack by a blood draining monster that had huge bat-like wings and a row of blades down its spine. The monster was said to have had given up and ran away back into the woods. The woman said that the thing nearly over powered her. Early 1997." Thanks to Ronald.

Paintball, posted by Nicholas Ward May 20th 1999
It was dark, and me and 5 other friends were outside in the five acre field behind my house. Behind this house is a 2 1/2 square mile animal reserve. Anyway, we are all outside, shooting at eachother with paintball guns in the middle of the night. It was a quarter moon, and the light was not so great. As my two other team members were following my lead crawling through the grass, I saw a hulking figure around 5 1/2 feet tall directly in front of me, heading for a patch of trees around 30 yards away I stuck my clenched fist in the air ordering a cease movement. After determining that this 'person' as I thought it was did not see me, I ordered fire by clicking my tounge. After about 4 or five shots, I clicked my tongue again and laid back down, waiting to hear the tell-tale growning of a direct hit. I knew I heard the sound of paintballs exploding, but no groan. I looked above the tall grass just in time to see the hulking figure 'melt' into the wooded area with my peripheral vision. However before I could make sense of it, I was hit in the spine with a paintball, and went back to base. I do not claim to have seen an alien beast, but I am sure I saw something, and my two teammates will attest to that, for they shot at it too. I saw no red eyes. For all I know, it could have been an autistic 15 year-old. Are there any other sightings reported in the Seacoast Area of NH????

More Paintball, posted Anonymous posted JAN 2001 sighting was in 1999
we were walking in the woods about a half mile from our house. we were just finished a game of paintball when heard an unearthly sound. we went to check it out and we saw something run off back into the woods. the creature was about 4 1/2 feet tall, greenish brown color with large reddish brown spikes lining the spine at the back. the sound was like a loud scream thats unlike anything else we've heard in the woods. and we've heard all the sounds of that forest before. and the creature ran faster than any human could possibly run. it was definetly not human. from:2 anonymous persons/de/ event occured 1999

Chupacabra, Camping in Maine
Sent in by a reader. This took place in 1997. Okay here is a story. This is real, I swear. I was camping with my friend, we didn't have much of that camping stuff, but yes we had are gun and a few knives and a lantern. We were camping out with my truck in Maine. I was driving along and I saw this black thing sprawled on the road with blood around it, so i started to slow down,and I first I thought it was some large cat. We just kept on going. When we found a place to set up our tent we got out as we set up our stuff I told him about that thing I saw on the road he didn't really, care much. When we set up our tent and made a fire and started to go to sleep. We heard something in the woods, it was getting closer and out came a old man clutching something in his arms. The man was crying and asking us to help him so we went over and asked him what was wrong and he showed us what he was holding saying a demon got him. We looked at it and it was a little labrador puppy with blood and a bite mark in its side ,it was still alive but i could tell it wasn't going to live long if it didn't get help fast. I was thinking a fox got it but the man seemed serious. We all got into the truck and drove off . We drove into a town and stopped at a gas station and asked where a vet was, they said down the road to the right blah blah blah. When we arrived at the vet we had to wait only a few minutes. The man said that he will do fine so we gave him my address and phone number. When we rode back to the camp we found stuff broken and our camp down. We saw scratches all over so as quick as we could we grabbed our guns and a light and ran out into the woods. Soon we heard growls and ran towards them and then saw something something attacking a tree branch i saw it saying "what the fuck!?" I saw my friend pull up his gun and the next thing i know we were shooting at that thing like hell and it started to come over to us with its dark yellowish orange eyes, then it started to run away like our bullets weren't doing anything but then we shot it right in the back and it started to limp so then we started filling it with lead again and i think it died. I didn't dare get close to it. We just stood there looking at it all night. I like any other person decided to drive off and get one of those diposeable cameras while my friend watched it. When i finally got into the town i got a camera. As I came out of the store I saw the old man run over to me to tell me that his dog was okay. I told him i was in a hurry but he was asking all these questions so i told him to come with me. We drove off to where the camp was and ran down to where my friend was. He was beat up but not to badly and his gun was bent and broke he told me that about 1hour and a half ago another one came and dragged its friend away i saw all the blood that came out of it. it was a dark red but really wierd looking.I took alot of pictures but not one person believed me, and it didn't have wings or spikes down its back and it was then when i remembered the thing on the road it was a little one. All three of us road off to the vet to get the dog and we ended up keeping it.

Washington State Sighting - "The Cosmic Joker"
Allthough your obsession with this fanciful creature has given you a sense of cause and purpose, be advised, that what I hear you describing is another manifestation of the cosmic joker, a transmorgrification of an entity whose wish is to play cat and mouse games. Objective is obvious, so is the M.O., to get you to believe. Same scenario played out with Bigfoot as well as other alleged sightings of creatures, UFO's, poltergeists etc..., oh the creature exists, of that I am sure.

I have seen a very strange creature myself when I was ten, in Wright's Park Tacoma, WA. The creatures were small like hairless mice but they had a strange consciousness which I sensed, I also sensed they knew I knew they should not have manifest themselves to me. They ran together in a single file fashion. Escaped down a hole, I gave chase, they got away. As I reflect on this, I suspect that they were supernatural, that they were there at that place and time, for the purpose of my viewing them.

I attribute this to what John keel refers to as the cosmic joker, supernatural manifestations of spirit or demons. The pattern is always the same, saw it, got close, got away, always the same, recollection foggy, picture's fuzzy, come on, why is it so important? I know, because man is so desperate for answers to lifes questions of who he is and what's it all about, he sacrifices his common sense, and begs for an answer, which is supplied customized to each persons passion, by the cosmic joker, like a cat running after a string, the string comes and goes, the cat does not know why, it is the will of the joker......good luck in your search, but prepare to be disappointed. Sorry for the truth, I'm sure you didn't want it.

copyright 1998 Jim

Arizona Sighting
I do not claim to be sure it was a Chupacabra that I saw.. but I'll do my best to describe it.. All I know is that I have never seen anything quite like this...

I was driving to Sonora from Phoenix along I-19 towards the Nogales port of entry. It was about 2 A.M. I was not tired, because I had slept all day in preparation for my trip down into Mexico. I had gotten to the point on I-19 when all the signs were quite obviously in metric. All of a sudden, I saw something in my headlights that was in the air, flying, moving up and to the right (up and to the West) at the same time. My first thought was, "A giant bird nearly got killed".. but my hair in that same second stood on end. The image of what I had seen came to mind, and it was not a bird. For what I saw had a tail, four arms and legs complete with claws, and leather-like wings.. yet it was the size of a small ape. All I can say about the head was that it was pointy. I didn't get the best look at it. My heart pounded until I pulled over and thought about what I had seen. I did not tell anybody about it.. but then I noticed pictures of this thing called the Chupacabra on Art Bell's page. The thing that I saw didn't resemble any of them definitely, but it was awfully strange... and I've never seen anything like it before.

So that's that.. It was white.. not green..

copyright 1998 Robin

South Texas Sighting
Me and my wife were in bed one evening when I heard ole' smokey barking like his tail was on fire. Since I was so tired from working all day on the farm, I did not want to go check on my mutt. Then I smelt the most horrible smell. It smelt just like those stinkbombs me and my buddies used to let off in high school. I knew it wasn't the Mrs. because she had showered before bed.

I went over to the gun rack and got out my rifle. I heard smokey whimpering and I knew something had to be wrong because he is one of the toughest dogs in the state. I saw him hiding in the corner at the bottom of the stairs. He was staring at the door. I turned my head and saw what was turning my dog into a timid pussycat. A non-human hand was reaching through the dog door in the kitchen. It was greenish with very long sharp black nails. The most repugnant odor was streaming in through the dog door. I coughed in disgust. I was frightened but I bravely took up my rifle and shot right at that hand. It moved and I could hear it growl. It had a loud and deep voice. I shot right through the door. I heard some rustling and then looked out the window and it was gone. All that I have left of the experience are the claw marks on my kitchen floor and the shots in the door. Me and Smokey will remember the disgusting creature forever. I wish I had killed it when I got a chance.

From: Henry Hondo, Texas

San Diego Sighting
For my fraternity pledge I had to go out alone and sleep in the hills. Sleeping in the hills is simple so I knew the guys were going to do something to make the night hell. I figured they'd come and steal my beer or they would try to spook the hell out of me. I heard some noises and left my tent and I saw some of the guys. They sat me down and told me that there had been a Chupacabra sighting on the news. I thought that was clever, couldn't they have thought of anything better than that to scare me? I had vaguely remembered hearing about the monster on an Unsolved Mysteries episode but I knew it was just as fake as the monsters that my mom always said lived under my bed when I was a kid.

As I had expected, they drank all my beer while telling me of the news. They all left and I stayed there, just me and my half of a can of budweiser. Because it was so boring out there alone in the woods, I decided to go to bed. About an hour after I had gone into my tent I heard a rustling. I figured it was those guys trying to scare me or an animal. Anyways, I tried to go back to bed. But then I heard it right outside my tent. I flashed my light against the tent and I could see this thing standing up with spikes along it's head and back right outside my tent.

I screamed to what I thought was the guys "ha ha, funny, I'm trying to go to sleep." But no one answered. I walked up to the tent and punched the side of it. They still didn't say anything. So I unzipped the tent and and I stared right at it. It's red eyes looked right at me and then it fled into the woods.

There is no way possible that that animal could have been one of my frat brothers. I asked them the next day and they seemed just as scared as I was. None of them have ever fessed up to it. I don't think they ever will cause I know that thing was a Chupacabra. It was in those woods and it was big and scary.

From: Anonymous Student at UCSD

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