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Here we post current news about the Chupacabra so you don't have to search for it. If you have any news please email us.

UFOs and Chupacabras related?
Lately in Brazil there have been many reportings of UFOs being sighted with Chupacabras. Could this be more proof of the Chupacabras being from outer space?

Chupacabra News

Chupacabras Prints To Be Studied By Geo Group

Written By: Inexplicata

Posted: 7/21/2003

CURICO. The prestigious GEO Group, devoted to the study of UFO phenomena, is studing the prints left by the alleged "Chupacabras" which apparently attacked thirty chickens during early morning hours last Tuesday in La Palmilla, Rauco commune.

A total of 24 birds were found exsanguinated within a henhouse belonging to María Carolina Bravo. In another nearby henhouse, five more hens expereinced a simiar attack; no explanation is forthcoming regarding the animal [whose fangs] pierced their neck and drew their blood.

Alfredo Nilo, a Curico-based researcher of UFO phenomena, visited the site of the incident and made casts of the prints which could belong to the legendary "Chupacabras". He was also able to secure samples of hair, whose origin shall be investigated. In this regard, and in order to perform more detailed studies, Alfredo Nilo took the samples to Santiago, specifically to the GEO Group, which specializes in UFO and paranormal phenomena. There he met with Alberto Urquiza, the group’s president, who also participates in the "La Ley de la Selva" television show, in order to deliver the casts and perform an analysis.

"We were able to compare some of the prints of the most recent attack of this being, which occurred in Viña del Mar, and which have some similar characteristics with the Rauco evidence in the type of claw. However, the prints were left with GEO for a more thorough analysis, since they havce the necessary materials and instruments," said Nilo.

In this meeting, Urquiza made known his intention to visit the area in order to see the site where the "Chupacabras" attack allegedly occurred. Even when no specific date was given, it could take place within a few weeks. Alfredo Nilo said that for the time being they await the analyses to be performed by GEO in order to ascertain the type of animal or strange being that exsanguinated the hens from Rauco. He also noted that they are waiting for the report to be drafted by the Agriculture and Livestock Service (SAG) based on the hens that were removed from the site. The prints taken by Nilo from the site where the birds died correspond to one of the animal’s legs, which is characterized by not bein "retractable" (sic) like those of a dog. Furthermore, reddish hair was located which could eventually shed more light on the matter.

"We were also interested in the fact that the birds’ feathers appeared to have been chopped off as if by a knife. When a dog tears at something, it pulls out the feathers and they come out by the root. We are faced with the fact that a sharp object was responsible, and the prints show that the attacker had claws as thin and sharp as a knife," he said.

Nilo also recalled that a resident of La Palmilla is devoted to looking for water to build wells and tanks. He used his tools in one of the chicken coops where the creature or animal attacked the hens and found that the tools had acquired radiation and a strange energy.

"We believe it’s an extraterrestrial pet, a programmed being, a hybrid or cloned species designed to extract bodily fluids or liquids from the birds in order to feed itself, or with another purpose altogether. It is associated to the UFO phenomenon and is very intelligent. For this reason it will not be captured," he added.

Translation (C) 2003. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi.

Thanks to Meg for letting me know about this story in the Maimi Herald. Maimi Herald
Bayne found the story on forteantimes.com Basicly Farmers down in South America believe the Chupacabra is killing their livestock. A Farmer took some shots at the creature and later they found it dead in a cave. They found what they believed was the culprit but the Scientists who Examined it claim its a dog. A dog can't drain a animal completly of its blood so this still isn't solved.

Maimi Herald

Published Tuesday, September 5, 2000, in the Miami Herald

Nicaragua remains not 'chupacabras'

Bones in area of sheep killings belong to a dog, scientists say


Experts said it was not a cross between a wolf and a crocodile.

MANAGUA -- A team of university scientists has ruled that a mysterious skeleton recovered in northern Nicaragua is that of an ordinary dog rather than the feared and fabled chupacabras, a sort of Latin American cross between the Abominable Snowman and Count Dracula, which is said to suck the blood out of livestock.

Discovery of the bones this week set off an uproar that had one Nicaraguan churchman warning that the end of the world was at hand, while journalists called from as far away as Australia in frantic search of details.

But biologists and zoologists from the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua campus in León who examined the skeleton said it was not a cross between a wolf and a crocodile, as some local agricultural officials had described it, but simply a dog.

``It's a dog, without any room for doubt,'' said Edmundo Torres, an UNAN vice rector. ``It's an ordinary female dog. All our investigations didn't show any anomaly. It's a dog.''


His explanation didn't sit well with José Luis Talavera, the farmer who claims to have shot the beast and could now lose his international notoriety as a Chupacabras Slayer.

``That animal that was discovered in that rural zone was different from a mere dog,'' insisted Talavera. ``Its teeth were rose-colored. It reared up on its hind legs and sucked the blood from at least 120 sheep.''

Talavera discovered the skeleton in the mouth of a cave Aug. 28 near his farm outside Malpaisillo, a rural town about 45 miles northwest of Managua after he spotted a flock of buzzards circling the site.

He says it is the remains of an animal he spotted attacking his sheep three days earlier. Talavera said he fired several shotgun blasts at the predator and wounded it before it escaped into the night.

Talavera and other farmers say more than 100 sheep have been killed in the Malpaisillo area during the past six weeks and their bodies drained of blood.

The killings have given rise to rumors that a chupacabras -- the Spanish word means literally ``goat-sucker'' -- was on the loose in northern Nicaragua.


Farmers near Malpaisillo began carrying rifles. A local feminist group that has encouraged women to achieve financial independence by raising sheep hinted darkly that the chupacabras had been unleashed by a Nicaraguan patriarchy terrified at the prospect of losing power. The daily El Nuevo Diario quoted several local residents who believed the chupacabras was working for a political party seeking to influence November elections.

Protestant churchman Francisco Ortiz, discarding those explanations as mundane, said the chupacabras was nothing less than ``a wake-up call'' signaling the end of the world.

``The light is yellow, but it could change to red at any moment,'' said Ortiz. ``It's a signal to men and women that we're going home to God.'' Ortiz allowed, though, that the chupacabras simply could be a clone created by a mad scientist.

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Chupacabra in Nicaragua
What do you think happened with the Chupacabra Story from Nicaragua

The Farmer Shot the Creature and It was indeed a Chupacabra
It was a Hoax and Somebody made it up.
Everyone is telling the truth and It was wild dogs killing the livestock.
The government is covering it up because it has something to hide.
It was indeed a chupacabra and the University doesnt know what to do.




by Maricely Linarte and Clarissa Altamirano, Special Correspondents

Specialists described the animal as an uncommon species after a careful examination of its skeleton. It presents yellow hair on its short tail, large eye-sockets, soft skin like that of a bat, large claws and fangs, and a crest on its main vertebrae. Could this be the Chupacabras? A team of biologists and veterinarians from Leon must now answer the question.

LEON.- the skeleton of the animal that slaked its thirst with the blood of sheep on the San Lorenzo farm, owned by Jorge Luis Talavera and located at Km. 154 of Malpaisillo, was found in the early morning hours of monday some 80 meters away from the paddock where it procured its victims.

"The creature could be a hybrid of several species, created in a laboratory by means of genetic engineering," noted Giocconda Chevez, Malpaisillo's veterinarian.

Jorge Talavera explained that three days ago he opened fire against the alleged Chupacabras using a shotgun, causing its death and resuting in its flesh being devoured by vultures. The creature was in an advancedstate of decomposition by the time it was discovered. "We had to kill it. In 15 days it sucked 25 sheep, and my neighbor lost 35 sheep in 10 days. It was an average of 5 sheep and goats a night," he explained.

Captain Leonardo Carmona, head of the Malpaisillo Crime Lab, indicated that the animal's remains are to be studied at the Hospital Escuela de Leon (Leon Teaching Hospital), where veterinarians and biologists shall be on hand to examine it, according to a report by Edgard Orozco, who is in charge of the Department of Forensic Medicine.

La Prensa de Nicaragua, 30 August 2000

Translation (c) 2000. Institute of Hispanic Ufology.

Chupacabra Web News
Thanks to RJL Buckeye for letting me know about the chupacabra page at discoverychannel.com .

A Goat-Sucker Poem
Sylvia Plath wrote the poem called "Goatsucker" in 1956 when on her honeymoon in Spain. The similarities between our Chupacabra and the one she described in her poem are uncanny. Even more amazing is how it was written almost 40 years before the first Chupacabra sighting in Puerto Rico (the first sighting that we know of). Could this mean that the Chupacabra has been a legend in Spain that has been passed on for generations and is finally becoming popular culture, or the Chupacabra is a hoax that was imagined after reading this poem? Or maybe the Chupacabra does exist, even in Spain. We'll probably never know. Thanks to Rebecca for sending me this information.

An Ancient Chupacabra Ring?
Consuelo sent in this information about a ring he bought in South America. The ring has several Chupacabra-like heads on it. If anyone else owns a similar ring that was bought in this area email me.

"I am from Ecuador and I was in Baños, a small town in the mountains near Cotopaxi ( the live volcano). This town runs in alignment with the pyramids of Cosascachy, a set of seven pyramids that run directly across the country. It is said that on the day that the Sun is closest to Earth you can see the sea. Well this ring that I bought from a poor Indian man who sold strange Indian objects, as well as jewelry. The ring is of three Alien heads together, the middle head is bigger. They all have two eyes, in the same shape as your drawing shows. While in Baños I came across a man who was some what of a hippy. He told me that the ring was the same mold worn by an ancient tribe that worshiped the "devil" thought to be because of the way they sucked the blood from animals. The man had the same ring and he said that it was worn by a group of people in South America that believe it is an Alien, the spirits of their ancient people. Once they also drained the blood from cows and other animals as sacrifices to their gods, these "aliens" are thought to be slaves of the gods who send them down to collect blood of animals. The tribe was thought to be a satanic tribe by other tribes, and so they were wiped out as a civilization, the rings where melted and remolded, yet there have been few graves that have been unearthed, and a ring that looked like mine was recovered, supposedly, one in Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Ecuador."

Thanks to Consuelo for this great information. I wish I had one of those cool rings.

A Chupacabra Mentioned in the Bible?
Prophet Yahweh sent us this email.

"In the Apocrypha (the missing books of the Old Testament), the book of II Esdras chapter 6 verses 49-52, it describes what I think may be Chupacabras. He's called Enoch, the monster that dwelt in the land with a thousand hills. Another monster is mentioned, named Leviathan, who dwells in the sea. It states:

49. Then didst thou ordain two living creatures, the one thou calledst Enoch, and the other Leviathan;

50. And didst separate the one from the other: for the seventh part (namely, where the water was gathered together) might not hold themboth.

51. Unto Enoch thou gavest one part, which was dried up the third day, that he should dwell in the same part, wherein are a thousand hills:

52. But unto Leviathan thou gavest the seventh part, namely, the moist; and hast kept him to be devoured of whom thou wilt, and when."

Chupacabras Government Experiments?
Two readers sent in these interesting theories.

"Well one school of thought believe that the Chupacabra is a genetic experiment gone wrong. We all know that the government has technology long before the populous does, so it would make sense that they have the technology to clone. The Chupacabra is in fact an early experiment in genetic testing!"

Another reader sent in this other theory.

"My theory as to the origin of the " Chupacabras" is that it is a genetic experiment that escaped. The first place the "Chupacabras" was spotted was in the town of Canovanas, a town known to have a genetics lab. It is known that there are a variety of animals there like monkeys, which is what was believed to be the "Chupacabras" at first. Another theory I have about the "Chupacabras" is that it is an amphibious creature. Witnesses describe it as having a membrane under it's arms which they believe it uses to fly. My belief is that it uses these membranes to swim. This taking into consideration that most of the sightings take place near a river."

A Captured Texas Chupacabra
An interview on the web says that a large unnamed university in Texas is currently studying a dead Chupacabra that was captured in a trap near San Antonio. Read the interview by clicking this link.

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